Post ejaculatory sensation in the body which can come shortly after male ejaculation. The sensation lasting no more than a second, feels like a small shock or jolt to the body, and is usually followed by post-cum a few minutes later a.k.a (the dribble)
short and light aftershock the body feels after you've shot a load.
by billy-5050 January 26, 2009
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When you have an initial crap that comes out fine, then 30 mins later, there is a huge rush of diarrhea. The initial dump must feel complete, not pinched off to qualify.
"Man, I thought I had a no wiper, but i was sitting at my desk later and felt the aftershock coming on."
by Hendri6 October 15, 2008
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Bong terminology. The residual smoke in the bong and it's piping after toking the main hit. Usually, your lungs are too full to take in the aftershock. Checking the density of smoke in the aftershock is a good way to see how good your hit was, but that is pointless.
by machowoman December 11, 2008
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Horrible, disgusting spirit favoured by neds, chavs and other assorted morons. It does get you very, very drunk very, very quickly, but it is disgusting and horrible. Comes in volcano red, urine green and swimming-pool blue flavours.
Haw man, ah wis munted on Aftershock last night man
by md25 April 28, 2004
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The pain you get after a nutshot. This will happen in the stomach area or lower.
Boy who just got hit in the nuts: OMG here comes the aftershock
Everyone Else: hahahahahah!
by Mr.Bill with Phil May 22, 2009
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The unexpected dislodge of any mixture of saliva, semen, sweat or lubrication from the anus followed by anal sex. Usually, it is through the act of farting. The dislodged mixture looks similar to snot and is usually clear. It can be slightly to very brown colored depending on how influential the receiver's poop is.
The explosion is a natural bodily function in which the buttocks uses to filter itself to become clean. The action presents itself anywhere from 5 minutes to 5 hours after receiving penetration.
Jordan: "Come to bed, dude."

Max: "I can't yet."

Jordan: "Why not?"

Max: "Dude, we just went at it for an hour; my aftershock is gonna be huge!"


Austin: "Oh, boy! Gotta run to the bathroom. Aftershock just hit me."
Gramma Nancy: "But, church just started, darling."

Also known as: butt pop, fuck fart, after orgasm, cumfart
by Griffin F Thomas April 15, 2010
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Having a 2nd round at wanking within 20-30 minutes of the first one.
Jimothy Carlisle: Dude, I was so bored, I just went for an aftershock.
Robin Banks: Horny bastard
by BillWexerwacker December 11, 2018
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