(n.) The re-al sh-it

An instance of true authenticity; An occuring event which leads an individual to believe that it is, in fact, real shit.
"Yo dog," J-Tizzle said, "you see me cap dat motha in da face?"
"Yeah dog," I replied, "that was the real shit..."
by Crustin December 3, 2005
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A piece of news or factual information that is not only considered 100% correct, but also societally relevant. Sometimes in memes, for ironic effect, the relevance scale for something considered to be "real shit" is reversed. Opposite of bullshit.
Person 1: Hey yo, Shrek 5 is bein' released in 2019
Person 2: Man, that's some real shit.
by W0k3 April 25, 2017
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Dat's some real shit
Let me speak on some real shit
My dog Mike and Ronnie stay on some real shit
by Mic Check August 30, 2005
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1. phrase used when someone says something relatable about a struggle
2. also used to describe a time when somebody said something deep or "real"
3. Could be used as "on that real shit" to describe the authenticity of a person's actions
1. "Man, the economy sucks."
"Right? On some real shit."

2. "We got high af the other night, and Joey started talking about how nothing is real and we all die in the end."
"Damn. Sounds like Joey was on some real shit."
3. No matter how famous he got, he never let it get to him. He stayed down-to-earth. He's still on that real shit."
by sodakid111 December 31, 2018
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n. authentic, inspired, peerless, usu. in a creative endeavor. See also CKY.
by Rosie February 11, 2004
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