The guy that takes a lot of shit from people and dosnt do anything but laugh with them because he can't do anything about it. He usually just bottles everything up inside and no one knows. He is usually funny and hangs out with a lot of girls. He is also pretty smart but not a lot of people know that. People underestimate him a lot because he is the smallest one of the group but, he is more powerful then you would expect (physically and mentally) he tends to have a lot of friends but he only has a hand full he can actually call friends. He is sweet, cute, funny, and is nice, but when he finally snaps, he won't be able to control himself. All the anger has taken over the mind and he will just let it all out. You would never expect him to have so much anger. He is just a ticking time bombs. People look at him and think he is calm and a layed back person. He hates being who he is because he is still the little guy. He can never really express himself because he is just a little different and to some people Different is bad.
He is the little guy of the group.

The little guy is so cute! Why is he single?

Why dose the little guy let people walk all over him??
by Golden moments July 21, 2014
Refering to a person at the bottom.
Example: you have a ladder and you are at the bottom of it, but need to be at the stop.
The little guy has to work his way up in life to make it to the top!
by the actor May 13, 2011
So what are you going to do tonight, stay in and beat up the little guy?
by dr. shango August 3, 2003
1. A familiar way to reference to your, or someone elses son or younger male sibling.
2. A less obvious way of describing a gram or small amount of drugs.
"I took the little guy to a baseball game."
Person A:"What are you looking for?"
Person B:"Just a little guy tonight."
by Turkey151 January 9, 2008
Somebody who is pouting and inconsolable over something trivial. Acting stubborn and pessimistic like a small child who is throwing a tantrum.
"Don't even bother talking to him. Robby's being a Little Guy today."
by MookyTheCat August 11, 2009
street slang for a roxicodone 30 mg instant release pill.

slang for an roxy on long island, new york.
user- "lemme get a little guy"
dealer- "i got u..20 bills"
by thatOCguy February 23, 2010