In The Maze Runner (a well known movie/ book series) there is a character named Newt. His specific name is the glue, he keeps everyone together.
Minho: The glue keeps everyone together.
Thomas: Newt is such a good person.
by Newt Deserved Better February 22, 2018
A cheap high; often discovered in middle school.
Boy 1 - "Hey, Sherman, what's wrong with you?"
Boy 2 - "GGNGnggNNGGO! GLU! GLU! URgggRRGGgg..." *passes out*
by Tommy Wommy Womsters September 16, 2003
As in; are you high on glue? An ad hominem logical fallacy. A play on words referring to the desperation of an individual's actions or words, accusing them of becoming intoxicated on the poorest of substances, or in other words, doing anything to further themselves from sober, logical thinking by way of intentional self delusion. To be stuck on an illogical conclusion, or belief system, to such an extent that a person is literally, and purposefully deluding themselves by way of substance abuse.

Commonly used as a logical fallacy, to battle other logical fallacies, usually unbeknownst to either party.
What are you high on, glue?

You on glue?
by The Northerner November 24, 2010
Something you use to stick something to something.
Hey, you got some glue I can use to put this on my paper?
by Yo' momma! November 8, 2003
Nickname given to Linkin Park emcee Mike Shinoda by guitarist Brad Delson. Simply means that Mike holds the band together like glue.
"Brad calls me 'the glue.'" -- Mike Shinoda
by Ashlena June 23, 2004
Drug of choice for the following disadvantaged groups such as
Street Kids and impoverished minority's (ie. Aborigine's).
Jimmy bought sum glue and got hooked on huffing it from a plastic bag. Jimmy was dead 2 years later.
by Diego November 13, 2003