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The tallest member in popular Korean boy-group SHINee. Role in the group is the "rapper". Is known for his flaming charisma and huge doe, or alien, eyes. Also vaguely resembles a frog. Gets about 2 singing lines in SHINee songs even though everyone knows by now how well he can sing. All-in-all amazing person that deserves more love.
Non-kpop fan: What is that frog thing shooting fireballs from its UFO while rapping?
Shawol: Oh, that's just Minho.
by aly4818 November 08, 2010
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One of the best known members in the popular korean boyband, SHINee. He raps, sings, dances, and also acts, making him the ULTIMATE entertainer. During SHINee's debut, he was known as the one who was always very serious, but now he is the funny, SMEXY, always-pulling-pranks-on-people MinHo. He performed Usher's "OMG" in SHINee's first concert, and gained about a GAZILLION more fans. He also made everyone who watched the video's noses bleed. He has a beautiful 6pack, defined biceps, large eyes, red lips and angel face. He is made from heaven, the best (and tallest) SHINee member, and the sexiest man alive.
New-To-SHINee-Girl: "You know, i just fucking LOVE that tall handsome smexy beautiful red-lipped guy."
crazy-SHINee-Fan: "Well, DUH! Everyone loves him. THATS MINHO."
by Shawol67890 August 19, 2011
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My favorite character from The Maze Runner. Sass queen and sidekick, Minho is the best glader on earth.
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It's Minho's hair!
by NewtMinho June 12, 2018
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south korean name that indicates a serious addiction to nerdy games and cool argentinean uses. Will live longly, though.
Min Ho, cut the crap!
Is that a bot or a Min Ho?
by Max_Power February 08, 2009
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