Cheese Pizza:C.P
Cheese pizza is a secret code word to say Child pornagaphy or Child Porn as in C.P
John Podesta: Sup gang, wanna come over and eat some Cheese pizza.
Jeffery Epstein: Count me in!
James Alefantis: Iโ€™ll order!
by Cat-in-boxes March 14, 2018
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pizza with cheese on it. a layer of crust, with tomato sauce on top and then cheese.
Joe: "hey lets go get some pizza"

Jerry: "alright, what type should we get?"

Joe: "I'm thinking just a plain cheese pizza"
by MizFitt June 04, 2012
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when two girls and one guy take off their clothes. one girl bends over onto the bed face first while the other girl and the guy fuck hard,really hard. the guy pulls out before he can cum to let the girl he was just fucking gush out blood all over the girls ass who was laying on the bed the guy then cums on the girls ass creating a cheese pizza
Jessica and Anthony gave that girl a nasty cheese pizza.
by Max O. May 30, 2008
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