Something you wanted or didn't want to do has been, in fact, done.

You often can't reverse the action.
A: Hey, did you do what I asked you to? A1: Did the joke on Paul go well?
B: Yeah, the deed is done B2: The deed is done.
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When you finish the deed (a masturbating session).
Me: Jack, the deed is done.

Jack: Why do you have to tell me everytime you masturbate?!
by Mazza Mada May 31, 2015
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used by the president of the United States Of America Funny Valentine, it is the one of the most op stands in the entire series.
Dirty Deeds Done Dirty Cheap
1: best villain is Valentine
2: fuck no its Kira not that fuckin inter dimensional communist
1: you say that because you also wanna fuck hands
by Midly entertaining August 23, 2020
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1. AC/DC song

2. The stand from Jojo's bizarre adventure part 7

3. the act of sucking one's dick for a dollar
Funny Valentine: D4C
You, not a jojo fan: what
Funny Valentine: Dirty deeds done dirt cheap
by FireFlareion January 27, 2021
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You let her jerk you off, but right before you ejaculate you make her stop, pull out a penny and cover it in your precum, make sure it gets nice and wet. Then you yeet the penny in her face and yell "Dirty Deeds done Dirty Cheap!"
Girl A: Yesterday my bf awakened a stand.
Girl B: What are you talking about?
Girl A: During the dirty he yelled "Dirty Deeds done Dirty Cheap" but I didn't see what was happening cuz he yote a penny in my eye.
by Lunaticy0815 August 29, 2020
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