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A Newgrounds mascot that also appears in Friday Night Funkin', but people who just like Friday Night Funkin' for it's popularity (tiktokers, or just braindeads) think he is from Friday Night Funkin', which he isn't
guy1: Hey do you know Pico from Friday Night Funkin'
guy2 proceeds to gun down guy1
by FireFlareion January 29, 2021
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A shorter name for r/fivenightsatfreddy's, where fredditors (fnaf redditors) post.
guy 1: Do you go on Freddit?
guy 2: Freddit? Dont you mean Reddit?
guy 1: no
by FireFlareion January 26, 2021
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guy1: hey im a fredditor
guy2: dont you mean redditor
Guy1: Yes'nt
by FireFlareion January 27, 2021
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1. AC/DC song

2. The stand from Jojo's bizarre adventure part 7

3. the act of sucking one's dick for a dollar
Funny Valentine: D4C
You, not a jojo fan: what
Funny Valentine: Dirty deeds done dirt cheap
by FireFlareion January 27, 2021
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Dude, I was tryharding so hard last night.
No wonder all of your clothes where wet
by FireFlareion January 27, 2021
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The extension of the stand Tusk Act 3 which is activated by the Golden Ratio, and Can rip through dimensional barriers, punch really fast, cause something to rotate infinitely, and say Chumimin before beating the shit out of the president
Johnny: Tusk Act 4!
Funny Valentine: D4C back into the light! HIIIIIIIIIIIDE!!!!!
by FireFlareion February 1, 2021
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