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used by the president of the United States Of America Funny Valentine, it is the one of the most op stands in the entire series.
Dirty Deeds Done Dirty Cheap
1: best villain is Valentine
2: fuck no its Kira not that fuckin inter dimensional communist
1: you say that because you also wanna fuck hands
by Midly entertaining August 23, 2020

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The misspelling of the holy book.
It's Quran not Koran.
by Midly entertaining June 16, 2019

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Misspelled Mortal Kombat
Person 1: I just can't wait for Mortal Combat 11

Person 2: it's Mortal Kombat dumbass
by Midly entertaining February 07, 2019

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A streaming service is a type of service that used only be Netflix but is now multiplying faster than cancer and each service only has 3 good shows so you might as well pirate
John: Disney is making their own streaming service, it has the franchise's they have
Jake: all these companies can fuck off, I'm not paying for 20 subscriptions only to watch 2 shows on each
by Midly entertaining March 01, 2020

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