A stand in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure:Steel Ball Run(part 7).Stand of main antagonist Funny Valentine.Can hop through multiple dimensions(or ''worlds'') between objects.
It does not stand for

If you thought it stands for this,you need to spend 5 years in a tank of holy water.
Instead,it stands for:
by 九条定文 August 02, 2021
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The act of beating the meat of an alternate version of yourself
gf: asked me what can i do with my hands

Me: D4C: Za hando
by Armitroni May 03, 2020
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The 28th of November it's Beat Up D4C Day, it requires to beat up a person with the name 'D4C'
Dude: "yo dude it's Beat Up D4C Day! GET THE FUCK OVER HERE"
by OMGLECKSOIE November 26, 2021
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Wait a minute, if D4C can go to infinite dimensions, does that mean in some of the inf dimensions, there are other over heaven dios? Wouldn't that mean D4C can bring another the world over heaven to the reality that they are in? And couldn't D4C make other versions of them self's to the reality and do that same trick? In other words D4C had the ability to counter reality because 2 of the same thing can't be in the same timeline cause it can alter the dimension exept funny valentine. Isn't the corpse parts a way to power a stands ability like how it boosted dios reality? Does that mean D4C can go to other dimensions to get inf corpse parts to boost D4C's dimension ability? That means D4C wasn't at his full power fighting twoh instead, he maybe wanted to test how true dios reality is but died testing?
D4C's Dimension ability is so cool yeah?

Yeah, but if he can go into dimensions, can't he just go into a dimension where there are all anime characters spawning on earth?

Well, probably.
by nintinboy December 18, 2021
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