Something so complex, it's not enough to say it's complicated.
"Hey John, how's your lab going?"

"It's so damn complexicated I don't know what to do!!!!"
by Arctic_Fox November 14, 2008
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When one believes that many people around one hates one.
"Stop ignoring your friend, you're going to give her a complex"
by 57_79 January 30, 2005
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forging together of a complex and complicated situation and/or person
Thinking of the example for this word was a very complexicated decision
by Adam and Lexi March 16, 2007
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Complex (meaning different) and complicated (meaning difficult) basically it means something that's new, different, and confusing, such as a complexicated relationship or a person with a complexicated personality.
Girl 1: So how are things going with you and that new guy you're seeing?

Girl 2: I don't know, things are really complexicated with us. I'm not sure where things are going.


One minute Britney's happy, the next minute she's sad. She's also very unique. She has a very complexicated personality.
by PrincessR December 7, 2009
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Having many simple parts.

He kept throwing terms at me until I was blinded by how complex it was.
by Scottmana November 26, 2007
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A hip new Urban Magazine identified by the tag line "Guns, Drugs and the Hamptons: Life on the Reservation" and reaturing (i) booty shaking, (ii) tips on locking in a winter wifey, (iii) choosing a delicious poultry product, and (iv) Jay-Z. The editor's picks are marked with a red symbol in the shape of a hair pick that might be inserted into one's afro.
Yo Fat Boy, Time Magazine is wack and Complex is mad dope.
by The Lawyer October 31, 2007
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See also xelpmoc. Basically think Dogbert technical assistance. He knows pretty much everything there is to know about the interweb but he won't tell you because he hates you. He helped create warbucket
by Cyborg September 26, 2004
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