aka Tiffany & Co

A place where men go to hand over their paychecks in hopes of getting to have sex with their girlfriend/wife. In reality, all that happens is the girlfriend/wife gets a blue box and the man gets blue balls.
Dom: Hey man, I went to The Big T last week to get the wife a bracelet!

Vin: How can you just cut off your scrotum like that?!

Dom: I took my wife and her mother to The Big T the other day, they were so happy!

Translation: I cut my nuts off!
by Primal4Life February 11, 2010
Noun: Male or Female standing at least 6 foot 7, has the manners of Al Bundy, sounds that are imitative of a T-Rex, sleeps more than a bear during hibernation, and has excessive gas problems.
Paraplegic Troy: Dude how was your date last night?
Paraplegic Dave: Man, i knew that bitch was a Big T as soon as i picked her up on my scooter.
by Pimp Daddy Nick February 22, 2009
He is the most hottest guy, just so smexy, literally so beautiful. He is Larry Croft's Alpha. He's Isaacwhys' friend or whatever. He is the most smartest person. He is just the kindest person.
Person 1: Yo Big T is lowkey cute.
Person 2: I know right? I would lowkey fuck him.
Person 2: He's the man of my dreams.
by Zuhbook August 15, 2022
Biggest young team in east Scotland never back down from fights and smash mussy boys all the time
Big t boys are here we better go “
by The pope of big t December 13, 2018
A man will a very large penis, sometimes resembles a third leg at times
by Joshua Amendola November 10, 2017
Nick name of Tyler

All-star athelte. Abs of steel.

Known to occasionally "get lost". Inventor of "Wheres Tyler?".
What the? Where did Tyler go?
by Lead_Ballz October 6, 2004
A person that is an all around talented person. He can climb shit like a monkey and has extreme frisbee skills. And has the mad rhymes
Big-T is the sex bomba, unlike Matt who is a total farkum.
by Big-T July 30, 2004