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That Dustin Wenninger kid out ran the cops when stealing my car that taco muncher. He even on cross country and eating my tacos
by Lead_Ballz October 4, 2004
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Nick name of Tyler

All-star athelte. Abs of steel.

Known to occasionally "get lost". Inventor of "Wheres Tyler?".
What the? Where did Tyler go?
by Lead_Ballz October 6, 2004
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The girlfriend of willy.

Also see fugly
That man-beast has to be willy's girlfriend!
by Lead_Ballz October 1, 2004
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The nickname of Big Al, receiving this name from the extremely large penis he has. So gargantuan that in the process of sexual intercourse Al has impaled many of his ladies/victims going from the vagina straight through the brain.
It is also believed that this anomaly, I mean the pure massiveness of his penis, is the result of Big Al being the child of Chuck Norris.
Shit! Vlad the Impaler has struck again! Well boys I don’t think this bitch will be walking for a while.
by Lead_Ballz February 28, 2006
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