Paraplegics have complete or incomplete paralysis of the lower half of the body including both legs, usually caused by damage to the spinal cord.
The amount of paralysis is almost always a correlation of how much damage was suffered in the spinal cord. Motor vehicle accidents are the prime cause and more than 10 thousand people per year suffer a spinal cord injury, most injuries result in tetraplegia which is paralyais of the entire body below the neck.
John was in a bad accident last night and severed his spinal cord.

How bad is it?

The trauma doctors at the hospital said his spine was severed near the lower part of his sternum. John may never walk again. He's paraplegic.

Thank god he's still alive and didn't suffer brain damage. And at least he's not a quadriplegic
by J.P. a paraplegic July 11, 2008
a paraplegic is someone with disabled bodily functions
"i wasn't gonna run from the cops but i was high, i was gonna pull right over and stop, but i was high-now i'm a paraplegic and i know why yeah cuz i got high, cuz i got high, cuz i got hiiigh..."
by psycho_squirrel26 November 1, 2006
someone who doesn't have full use of their body
did you hear about the paraplegic porn star? he's got an arm like a baby's dick
by elsteveador November 8, 2004
Having someone closer than you to something you want and then pretending to be conveniently immobile so that they will get it for you.
Vince becomes a strategic paraplegic when the remote is too far away.
by Vince August 11, 2008
When you bang a girl so hard that her legs take on a state of pseudo paraplegia, making it almost impossible for her to use the bathroom.
“ we haven’t you used the bathroom yet?”

“ I can’t move to get there after round 6, my legs have paraplegia right now”

achievement unlocked: paraplegic potty break

“ come on I’ll carry you there”
by Leo23560 March 29, 2022
The unique act of recieving an adequate, pleasurable sucking feeling around the shaft of one's unit. However, the catch is one must be voluntarily in and or confined to a wheelchair while using an oxygen mask.
Baby tooth heishman recieved his underage, and then proceeded to reveive a paraplegic penile mask from the 64 year old woman in the holding cell.
by The Closet Scoundrel May 5, 2010
A nigga who has to sit in a wheelchair and can’t run from the overseers so he was left behind.
Damn, I almost lost every slave in the break out. Thank god I had a paraplegic nigga in my barn.
by Slave seller July 8, 2019