An unspeakable implied act of depravity.
" Hey guys, so I gave my girlfriend The Wrong this weekend. " - Scott
by ExtLewd March 30, 2015
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a quote often used in the game/anime, Danganronpa. Used to interrupt a conversation when false information is stated.
Mom: "where were you last night?"
Sister: "I was studying at the librar-"
Me: "no that's wrong!!!!!"
by um chile anyways May 12, 2020
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Wrongness: Post moronic behaviour, not in accord with established cultural, social or political norms. An antagonist to the mundane, offensive to the absurd, abstract to the established etiquette but distinguished by its peculiar trait of making the erudite, sentient and wise defecate with laughter.
Wrongness: Your mum's such a skanky ass bitch Battersea dogs home had to have her put down for fear of her lobsters infecting the rats.

Wrongness: Ronald Regan for president.

Wrongness: Take your stinking paws off me, you damn dirty ape!
by 3laz3r February 17, 2011
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boy: Hey girl, drinking and driving is bad.

girl: No! you are wrong; I am right. Don't argue with me!
by Cest Mercredi April 04, 2009
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By wrong is a slang word widely used by Eastern European immigrants in the western world.

'By Wrong' commonly used after a mistake or accident has been made, a descriptive word to describe the intent of the situation. In common words "By Accident"
"By wrong I dropped the soap"

"By wrong my green card has expired"
by MacsenTheGreat August 11, 2020
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1.) What you always seem to be when you argue with someone who is older.
2.) Something you rarely are no matter how much evidence it pointing in the other person’s favor.
3.) A word used to describe someone who is obviously insane. It isn’t always used in a negative way.
1.) Cate: Mom… that dog over there is a beagle.
C.M: No… it’s a poodle honey.
Cate: But it’s labeled Beagle and possesses many beagle-like qualities.
C.M: Stfu! I’m forty biotch! You’re wrong because obviously I know more then you!

2.) Liz: I love this weather… you know, it’s nice to live in a tropical zone.
Random hottubber: You’re wrong this is a temperate zone….
Liz: No I’m not!!!! *kills random hottubber*
Police officer: Did you just kill that hottubber?
Liz: Chill.

3.) Joi: Oh my goodness! I love making out with lampposts!
Jeff: You’re so wrong Joi…
Joi: Ummm hmmmm, making out with the lamppost. Hey! Jeff! Wanna join?
Jeff: YES!!!!!!
by intriguedbydarkness June 23, 2005
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The act of attempting to, or successfully submitting a real, scientifically correct definition on Urban Dictionary.
"Hey dude i typed in definition on urban dictionary and some whore actually gave a real definition of it =O"

"Dude, that's just wrong!"
by specialfredddd December 31, 2008
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