Prior to 2004, the NASCAR Winston Cup Series' all-star exhibition race held at Lowe's Motor Speedway in Charlotte, NC. Previous race winners (up to the previous running), as well as the winners of an "open" race (The Winston Open) and a "sprint" race (The No Bull Sprint/No Bull 25's) would race for a handsome purse (the winner received $1 million in 2003).

Starting in 2004, the race will be known as the NASCAR Nextel All-Star Challenge.
The Winston was the ultimate fans' race.
by D2RCR February 1, 2004
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Anyone who is able to bench press more than they squat, likes party of 5 and beverly hills 90210, hates white people, and is just irrepressibly cute
by win brady June 3, 2004
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A nice and funny guy with a great sense of humour. He will always be there for you no matter what and will always make you laugh. He often is envied by other boys abd he can’t help it
Yo that dude over there is such a Winston.”

“I wish I could be like a Winston one day.”
by thatguy3269 December 27, 2018
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A cute, lovable and shy male. A person named Winston is sure to be the most amazing person you meet. He is good at drawing and singing! If he like-likes you, he might be a little rude due to his shyness, but don't worry, he'll get over his shyness with you soon!
Cristal: Aw, Winston, he's cute!
Jesse: I know, right?
by itliterallydoesntmatter April 8, 2019
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A playful guy full of energy ,full of love and will be your best friend ,loyal and loving.
Person : that Winston has so much energy
by Namer5 February 24, 2019
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a term used to describe a creature preserved in tar.
the sabre tooth tiger in the tar pit was a 'winstone'
by max levy October 8, 2004
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An excellent place for to get your balls fondled and your dick sucked for the same price as a meal deal.
Dave: ...And thats lunch, lets go to Winstons for a pint, pool & poke!
Bobby: Too right, I need my balls washing..
by Greg_the_Smeg February 6, 2019
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