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Movie that came out in 2008 starring Ben Kingsley as an offbeat psychotherapist (Dr. Jeffrey Squires), Josh Peck as his drug-dealing 18 year old patient (Luke Shapiro), and Olivia Thirlby as the psychiatrist's daughter (Stephanie) whom Luke falls in love with.

Mary-Kate Olsen makes an appearance as a hippie with dreads.

Was actually a decent movie. Made you laugh and cry and left you feeling overall pretty good.

Proved that every now and then Nickelodeon stars can in fact be talented. Josh Peck's performance was incredible.
Have you seen The Wackness yet? Makes you think twice about Josh Peck.
by blarghle August 09, 2009
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The Wackness refers to all hip hop after the golden age (1973-1993.)

Hip Hop was the most powerful street music to EVER exist. The Wackness isnt fucking close.
There's Hip Hop, and then there's The Wackness. Let's get things straight.
by Tuchus Bubinski March 13, 2019
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