Known as Les Visiteurs in France. A kickass movie starring Jean Reno about an 11th century knight and his squire who are accidentally transported to modern times by a senile wizard. The plot centers around the nobleman's quest to return back to his own time by enlisting the help of his descendant. A cult classic in France. Its image has since been tarnished by "Les Visiteurs 2" and the American version "Just Visiting."
The Visitors is a funny movie. See it..Okkkkkk ayyyyyyyy
by Juwanna Tinkle October 23, 2005
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Simplified euphemism for blue balls.

Blue Balls --> Two Thirds of Blue Man Group --> Visitors
Jesse: Nooo Kayla stop, I'm going to get visitors
Kayla: *creepy smile* no you won't
by ryEng April 07, 2009
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Noun (plural keyboard visitors)
(informal, derogatory) A person who state that they’d come to or visit a place in an online text-based discussion media, but at the same time does not bother to visit said place in real life, potentially due to being a good liar or downright laziness. downright abil
Don’t be a keyboard visitor, why don’t you actually drop by and have a meal
by De Vos Cafe October 12, 2018
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when a guy gets a really obvious boner, tries to play it off, but everyone knows anyways
The other day i saw a bunch of girls staring at me and giggling. Hey I figured it must be good. But when they started pointing at my crotch. Damn I knew it was an untimely visitor.
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