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Known as Les Visiteurs in France. A kickass movie starring Jean Reno about an 11th century knight and his squire who are accidentally transported to modern times by a senile wizard. The plot centers around the nobleman's quest to return back to his own time by enlisting the help of his descendant. A cult classic in France. Its image has since been tarnished by "Les Visiteurs 2" and the American version "Just Visiting."
The Visitors is a funny movie. See it..Okkkkkk ayyyyyyyy
by Juwanna Tinkle October 23, 2005
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Joe: my mom died yesterday

John: bruuhh

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John: bRuHhh

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John: bruh
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Some retard on twitter and is a god memer. Oh, and a F o r t n i t e skin too.
Twelve year old: “Oh Cmon! The Visitor was stupid enough to kill my fortnite game! You gotta be joking!”
Adults: “Good.”
by ObamaTheNWordPass March 01, 2020
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