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Awkward Boner Time

When one experiences a boner for no reason, or at a really inappropriate time.
Kayla: Hey Theo, let's go to BME!
Theo: Can't. ABT.
Kayla: Ok, I'll go see Jesse in the elevator then.

Kayla: Theo, do you have an ABT?
Theo: Maybe...
Kayla: I'll take care of it, no visitors for you!
by ryEng April 07, 2009

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Simplified euphemism for blue balls.

Blue Balls --> Two Thirds of Blue Man Group --> Visitors
Jesse: Nooo Kayla stop, I'm going to get visitors
Kayla: *creepy smile* no you won't
by ryEng April 07, 2009

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Horny Teenager Syndrome
When one is overwhelmed with horniness, causing them to act as teenagers and have horrible PDA

Kayla: I've got such bad HTS, wanna go make out in the elevator
Jesse: Thatd be deece
by ryEng March 25, 2009

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