One out of three children born with a working brain.
Hey, did you see two thirds today, or is he helping his sister off of the short bus?
by cletus&cooter August 01, 2003
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It's a rule for the range of people you can date.
If you are 99 years old...
99*(2/3)+7 = 73
73 - 99 years is the range of people you can date younger than you.


10 years = 10-13.6
14 years = 14-16.3
16 years = 16-17.6
18 years = 18-19
20 years = 20-20.3
30 years = 27-30
50 years = 40.3-50
99 years = 73-99
You can't date her, she's 33 and you 23... use the "two-thirds-your-age-plus-six" rule dude.
by mastermixer February 21, 2011
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Where any song is slowed down by two thirds of its length. commonly experienced by a lack of proper timing.
Take me to church becomes Taaaaaakkkke meeeee to chuuuurrrch is a common example of Two thirds effect
by JumpingJ November 15, 2015
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