The Virgins are a band from Manhattan, NY, consisting of Donald Cumming (Vocals), Wade Oates (Guitar), and Nick Zarin-Ackerman (Bass). Occasionally, The Virgins enlist Paul Vassalo and Kevin Rice. The Virgins formed in 2006 and have since released a self-titled EP (2007) and self-titled album (June 2008). The Virgins' music has since appeared on television shows such as "Dirty Sexy Money" and "Gossip Girl", which explains their somewhat meteoric rise in popularity amongst the 'Teeny Bopper' demographic. Their song, "Rich Girls" made #68 on Rolling Stone's 100 Top Songs of 2008.
Teeny Bopper: I love The Virgins!!

DJ: Sweet, what's your favorite song?

TB: Rich Girls! Duhhh!

DJ: Do you know any of their other songs?

TB: What? Well yeah... There's umm... that other song...

DJ: Let me guess. You heard their music on Gossip Girl?
by VaVaVirgins August 7, 2009
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A member of a rare and dying race
Friend : Guess who isn't a virgin anymore!!!!!

Me: You are TWELVE
by Minigriff January 9, 2018
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A virgin who has never done anything not even been kissed or kissed anyone. (Just someone who hasn't done anything with the opposite sex, or same if they're gay)
Jessica: That girl is such a virgin's virgin, I can't believe that she's never done anything.
Becky: I know, that is so pathetic!
by Lala~*~Lara November 27, 2004
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1) Someone who has not had sex
2) A type of olive oil
3) A version of an alcoholic drink with no alcohol in it
Guy: So, are you a virgin?
Girl: I've literally fucked the entire football team.

Shopper: What kind of olive oil do you guys have?

Employee: We sell virgin and extra virgin.
Shopper: What's the difference?

Employee: Virgin's more acidic, and extra virgin has a more rigorous production methods.

Patron: Excuse me waiter, could I get a virgin hard lemonade?
Waiter: So... lemonade?
by Helios8170 May 19, 2018
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(noun) A clean, unused hypodermic syringe received from a reliable source.
Before Mike could seriously get busy with his latest investment he had to bum a virgin off of Gus, whom he knew had thousands.
by Nikki Stixx October 18, 2019
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