An indie rock band who released their debut album "What Did You Expect From The Vaccines?" in 2011. They sound similar to The Strokes and Arctic Monkeys and they are a very nice sounding band that is a sigh of relief in todays music.
The Vaccines have that catchy sound in their music that we all need to hear now and then.
by indierockathon September 29, 2011
Hhahahahahas II s a cure
HO Vaccine
by Cock479 March 25, 2021
The administration of antigenic material to produce immunity, or close to immunity, to a disease.

Only people in third world countries who can't afford it and retarded people who either don't understand science or are religious nutjobs don't get vaccines. Some wackos still think it causes like autism - but there is absolutely no link between the two and these people are both wrong and doing damage to the research that could be getting done on the real reasons for autism.
The two rounds of vaccinations have eradicated polio from most of the countries in the world and reduced the worldwide incidence from an estimated 350,000 cases in 1988 to just over 1000 cases in 2007.
by Pointer of the Obvious July 29, 2008
The practice of discriminating against an individual because of their status and views of being vaccinated.
May include shunning , denying entry or services to that individual.
Bobby - Lets go to the corner store to get some pizza
Sam- Ok but I cant go inside because I am not vaccinated

Bobby- Oh they practice vaccinism , ill get you some then
by peoplesgemz June 18, 2021
The only way to get back to normal, yet people fear it for some weird reason.
Get the Vaccine when it's available to you, so we can get be together again!
by SunFlow3 March 26, 2021
When 10 men ejaculate into a turkey baster. Then squirt it into preferably a male's anus sometimes can be injected into female vagina.
Tyrone and Friends gave John Smith "The Vaccine".
by Bringbackthehumor March 5, 2020
Something each person makes the decision on to get or not, it's their body, they decide what goes into it, not their employer.
There is no forcing somebody to get a shot they don't want, even if it's a vaccine, or something they are told is good for them.
by Solid Mantis April 21, 2021