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A series of "books" written by Stephenie Meyer.

Plot- Bella Swan moves to Forks, Washington and falls in love with a vampire who goes to her new school. Most of the plot can be told in a single chapter, but there are four books.

Bella Swan- Clumsy and depressed highschool girl who can't defend herself and needs Edward to depend on.
Edward Cullen- A broody vampire who falls in love with Bella even though he wants to drink her blood.

Jacob Black- A werewolf who is jealous of Edward and doesn't seem to understand if Bella didn't want him then, she doesn't want him now.

Message- Most of the message is that it's very important to find the person of your dreams. Another big part of the message is that women are incapable and must have their man to be around to protect them all the time.

Rumors- A lot of people say Twilight was ripped off from a lot of other Sci-fi and fantasy TV shows.

Example- Season 1 episode 7 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Buffy finds out her boyfriend is a vampire and other evil vampires set out to kill them both. ONE episode of Buffy is FOUR books of Twilight.

Author- Stephenie Meyer had a dream and wrote it out so she wouldn't forget. Out of boredom, she wrote out what would happen if the dream had continued. She then published it as a book and skipped the entire writing process.
The Twilight saga:
Twilight: Bella falls in love with Edward and he protects her from evil vampires.

New Moon: Edward does ONE right thing for Bella and leaves her, but she can't do anything on her own she throws a year long tantrum over a boy she'd known for a couple months. She then leads on Jacob and throws him away when Edward comes back.

Eclipse: More evil vampires come. Edward kills them. Jacob is still jealous.

Breaking Dawn: More evil vampires come and Edward kills them. Jacob is still jealous. Instead of having an amazing ending, Bella becomes a vampire and has a baby. That's the ending.
by dhgatghuaerohar5gh'R5'ah August 12, 2011
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The Twilight Saga the most hated book on the internet, remember when Harry Potter got all the hate from Lord of The Rings and Narnia fans well this is the same thing Harry Potter fans hating Twilight.

Twilight is a vampire romance story between Bella Swan and Edward Cullen, but Jacob Black also fancies Bella.

Robert Pattinson is also fit
Chav: The Twilight Saga sucks.
Chav 2: You got that right.
Twilight fan: Have you actually read the books? didnt think so stop following all the other haters and read it before hating.
by TwilightRobertlover June 24, 2011
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