Renesmee (pronounced 'Mary Sue') Carlie Cullen (nicknamed Nessie), a character in the four book Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer, introduced in the fourth book Breaking Dawn. She has currently caused the downward spiral of Twilight as a barely respected fandom, much to Meyer's butthurt dismay.

The spawn of Bella Sue Swan and Edward Sparkle Cullen's bed-breaking, headboard-banging, pillow-biting loveplay, Nessie is typically described in Breaking Dawn as "a giant, sparkly demon spawn," "the Loch Ness Monster" and "an abortion." Meyer herself describes Nessie as a "glowing, wonderful, half-human, half-vampire baby that everybody should love, BUY ONE RIGHT NOW AND GET 20 PERCENT OFF YOUR INEVITABLE PURCHASE OF THE TWILIGHT SAGA CONCORDANCE, coming this Christmas! It'll be something the entire family can enjoy!"

Renesmee's nickname, "Nessie," can be attributed to Jacob Black, her mother's former boyfriend and Nessie's own future lover (Jacob had imprinted on a fresh-out-of-the-bloody-womb Nessie).

Nessie's birth and conception are controversial topics in Breaking Dawn, leading many a fan as to question Meyer's knowledge of sex and 10th grade biology. Meyer, who had stated venom had impregnated Bella in the book, cannot answer this herself, complaining that "my characters keep secrets from me," further proof she is a nut case.

As a half-human half-vampire spawn, Nessie enjoys the best of both worlds of humanity and vampirism. According to Breaking Dawn, Nessie will grow up in 7 years of human life, and will stop growing once she's legal and Jacob can finally consummate their love. (Eventually Jacob will have to have a seat right over there.) Also included in the vampire/human package is Nessie's vampire power of displaying her thoughts to a person by touching them, as if the simple thoughts of a plesiosaur was important to anyone. Scientists call it a marvel.

The introduction of Nessie instigated widespread negative reactions by Twilight fans the world over, leading to mass sporkings, book burning and returning. A butthurt Meyer had remarked that she had indeed planned for everything for Bella to be perfect and unrealistic. One interviewer could plainly see Meyer's smug satisfaction of fantasy fulfillment. Meyer has constantly backhanded questions of the possibility Renesmee with half-assed answers. Fans were not amused.
Renesmee? Psh, that sounds like it came out of a fanfic on!


It ends at Eclipse.
by hide-n-seek August 14, 2008
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The combination of Edward and Bella on a Honeymoon after Rough sex (even though the author said vampires were sterile?) Bella came up with this SUPER CREATIVE name (*sarcasm*) from combining the names Renee+Esmee. The Demon baby started to kill Bella from the inside out as she refused to get an abortion because she is stupid, She starts looking like an anorexic heroin addict. They cut bella open, Take out the demon pizza baby and bella dies. The Werewolf (Bella's ex-Boyfriend-ish) sees the demon and falls in love (pedo) After a couple days of being dead Bella wakes up as a vampire.
It ended at Eclipse.
Edward: Get an abortion Bella!
Bella: No! I'm strong.
Edward: You're gonna die
Bella: Its just a Baby!
Bella: So Guys I thought of some names! okay so If its a boy, EJ or Edward Jacob and If its a Girl Renesmee Because its Renee+Esmee!
Everyone: -Facepalm-
Edward: Uh... Those are great names Bella! ha.. ha
Bella: -dies-
Jacob: fuck ima kill that son of a bitch demon
Edward: Shes. So. Fucking. Stupid.
by It Ended at Eclipse December 11, 2011
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The child of Edward and Bella Cullen for the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. Her entire existence is a lengthy plot hole in the series. She is described as adorable, but we all know that she is a creep. She grows extraordinarily quickly because we would never want a child to detract from Edward and Bella's all night sex. This also means that she will be fully grown after seven years and that her predetermined love of her life, Jacob Black (who previously wanted to sex up Renesmee's mother and murder her father), will be able sex her up. Renesmee also has the nickname Nessie because Jacob realized that Bella needed a new naming book. (And Nessie is soooo much better.)
Rabid Fangirl: Jacob is not a pedophile because Stephenie Meyer said so! Yeah!

Rabid Fangirl: Renesmee is sooooooo adorable!!111one!11
Me: *chokes to death on vomit*

The Loch Ness Monster is not pleased.
by Shakespeare92 September 01, 2008
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1. The name of Bella and Edward's hybrid child.

2. The person Jacob imprinted on.

3. A name that could be used in place of the Loch Ness Monster.

4. The worst tribute to Esme and Renee the Twilight Saga has ever heard of.

5. Similar to Albus Severus Potter and Zuma Nesta Rock.
1. Renesmee touched her mother's face.

2. Renesmee is Jacob's world now.

3. "What's that coming out of the water?"

"It's Renesmee!"


"Oh, you know, the Loch Ness Monster?"

"Oh, ok. Stupid of me to forget that."

5. Bella Cullen, Harry Potter and Gwen Stefani decided to write a book of baby names and have theirs inserted first.
by The Lincoln August 24, 2008
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The demon baby of Edward Cullen and Isabella Swan, characters in the Twilight series.

Will often be referred to as "Nessie", by her much older "soulmate" Jacob Black.

Jacob: What's your idea of a first date, Nessie?

Renesmee: OMG. Yay, Tea party!!
by Captain of the B.D. Failboat August 14, 2008
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1. a synonym for "failure"; often paired with the word "epic"

2. the name of Bella and Edward Cullen's demon-spawn from the last book of the Twilight series
"Dude, that Breaking Dawn book was an epic Renesmee."
by smeyerfail August 23, 2008
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This single worst thing which has ever happened to you.
Dude, last night I: totaled my car; got arrested; got molested. It was my Renesmee.
by Mrs. Bateman August 15, 2008
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