Wanting to make babies. To procreate.
Are you getting all broody on me, honey? We can't have children yet!
by Michael Padilla December 22, 2005
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adjective - a person whose vibe suggests that they are brooding, depressed, or deep in negative thought.
"Look at those hispters being terribly broody all over this party"
by Justtoclarify February 8, 2013
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the state of being broody or lazily standing against the wall making a face of no concern- Ben
Ben, you are so broody!!!!!
by amandina November 13, 2006
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The highly emotionally charged desire to have/own/purchase a dog when in the presence of someone else's dog.
That dog is so lush, I'm so dog broody at the moment.
by Ignis Lupus July 29, 2013
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Be eager to become a mother.
Wanting to procreate ASAP.
Girl: Isn't this little kid cute?
Boy: What? It's just small and noisy
Girl: I want one for us! I feel broody! When are we going to have one?
Boy: NEVER!! (And runs away as fast as he can)
by Grovenen March 31, 2011
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