Korean Portal Site!

It's so cool~
by Anonymous September 4, 2003
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The time both before and after Midnight. This word describes a short period of time of excitement during the change of a day.
Would one like a naver snack?
- usually a snack of the cheese variety had at either 2330 or 0030; never at midnight.

Cheeky Fox finds it hard to hunt during naver.
by Shamolly December 24, 2012
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Korean Portal Site!

It's so gook~

by kimjongil September 7, 2003
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Neva/naver spell never any other than it shouldn't be, unless you're in a tether.
by Hercolena Oliver May 27, 2010
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'It was a naverous night back stage at a show I saw this girlie that i knew she was a cutie and yo, she had it going on, from her head to her feet...'
by Lady September 13, 2004
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A Search Engine thats finds kdrama and more
Kim: Hey Google what is tros stands for?
Google: We are Sorry, please Try Again Later
Kim: Stupid Google and i am going to use naver instead

Kim: Hey naver what is tros stands for?
Naver: tros is the return of superman
Kim: Thank you and Naver is the best
by Hyebun1 May 29, 2021
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Best Blog Website owned by Naver that need for
Yeon: Join naver blog
Alex: why?
Yeon: we have kimchi
by Hyebun1 June 2, 2021
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