Step 1: Have a bong through your girlfriends piss.

Step 2: Fill your mouth with the piss from the bong. And spray it in the air Triple H style.
Step 3: Give your woman the pedigree
Im gonna use The Triple H on our lass tonight
by I love trucks me June 7, 2018
When you challenge a girl on the concept that spitters are quitters, and she takes your load, and loads up Motorhead as she spits your load like a fine mist all over herself.
I called myself the King of The Ring and she went and hit The Triple H.
by The Trips January 31, 2020
1) One who does what he can with what he has.

2) WWE Superstar who demolishes all who threaten his position.

3) The blushing bride-to-be of Stephanie McMahon.
"Even a 747 looks small when you're flying it into the Grand Canyon!"
by anon April 7, 2003
1: A character portrayed on WWE TV by Paul Levesque. Known as "Hunter Hearst Helmsley" the 10 time world champion, "The Game" the "King of kings" etc. And widely held responsible for everything wrong in wrestling by virtue of his marriage to Stephanie McMahon.

2: A shot in sport whereby the player just decides to go for maximum power with no specific target "Hit Hard and Hope"
1: Ah Damn, RVD is getting held down by Triple H again!

2: Whoa that was a triple H man, you fluked the 8 ball in the side!
by Dashowstoppa November 29, 2006
The greatest wrestler in the WWE today. Triple H is a terrific actor, a skilled wrestler, and really knows how to make you love to hate the guy.
"Man, I hate Triple H, but he's so damn cool!"
by ECW For Life May 21, 2005
A WWE professional wrestler who is a 10 time world champion. Many people think he got where he is because of Stephanie McMahon, but he was champion before he even met her. He is a very skilled in-ring performer, and makes everyone laugh. He is very good at being a heel (bad guy). He is the self-proclaimed King of Kings, and has fought with the best and beaten the best.
Triple H is the best WWE wrestler of today and a future hall of famer!
by DegenerationX92 May 5, 2006