Pulling a hearst or to hearst.: To make up news where there aren’t any, or make up a story and pass it as true, particularly when there is a dearth of real events. The term is coined after American press tycoon Randolph William Hearst who was known for manufacturing sensational stories from whole cloth and distorting real events.
Ahmed: I read that Saudi Arabia has rejected the nomination of a Pakistani diplomat to be ambassador to their country because his name is Akbar Zib … dude, in Arabic that name means “biggest dick”.
Tyron: I don’t believe it. They are pulling a hearst … and I am changing my name to Tyron Akbar Zib.
by MikeSoussan March 28, 2013
When a burger is missing the patty like when Patty Hearst was kidnapped.
Man! I hate McDonalds. I asked for a Big Mac and they gave me a Hearst burger!
by hidethefork February 2, 2009
Lydia Hearst or Lydia Hearst-Shaw is a gorgeous American socialite, actress, award winning fashion model, and heiress to the publishing fortune established by her maternal great-grandfather William Randolph Hearst. She is the daughter of Patricia Hearst who achieved infamy when she was kidnapped in the 70's.
Lydia is known in the fashion industry for her delicate doll like features, ivory skin and elegant sexuality. In fact Lydia has shown that she has no problems with doing nudity, having appeared topless or fully nude in numerous magazines including Playboy France. This willingness to show off her flawless, all natural nude body appears to be something she will continue as she pursues an acting career.
Although well known on the party circuit, unlike many of her contemporaries Hearst is not known for being promiscuous or controversial and in fact spends much of her time devoted to charitable causes.
Lydia Hearst is a beautiful example of quiet intelligence and perfect sexuality. She is a modern sex symbol.
Lydia Hearst is the sexiest model/heiress alive.
Lydia Hearst at 5'7 is short for a supermodel. Beauty offsets height.
Lydia Hearst is the thinking man's Paris Hilton.
Lydia Hearst is surprisingly voluptuous for such a slender girl.
Although not promiscuous Lydia Hearst becomes very sexual when in front of a camera.
Lydia Hearst is naturally sexy.
by yathaman May 23, 2009
Inheritor of the multi-millionare Hearst(publishing company)fortune, Patty is mainly known for her 18-month kidnapping by the Symbionese Liberation Army in 1974. While kidnapped, she was often bound and held in a very small, dark area. When not bound she was brainwashed by her kidnappers into thinking she was one of them and went on to "officialy" become a member and assist in robbing a bank. After she was rescued she went to trial and sided with her kidnappers, as well as admitting to doing Marijuana and insulting her parents. This landed her in almost two years of jail, mainly for robbing a bank, but she was commuted by President Jimmy Carter and later pardoned by President Bill Clinton so she could write a book about her travels with the SLA.
Although I understand that being brainwashed will affect your way of thinking, there is no possible way to not know that you are doing a bad deed when robbing a bank. I mean come on. Patty Hearst you're not fooling anyone.
by Inkosana February 27, 2008
A Patty Hearst is the event in which you get an erection at an awkward time.
"Hey bro, I was talking with the retarded security guard at the bank today and I got a Patty Hearst."
by TheClapmeister October 16, 2009