Modern mythical beast. Legend began around Pittsburgh, PA. Rumor has it "The Toe" has slept with an incredible .0001% of the female population of the world. Has been known to frequent many fitness establishments throughout the world to impress the masses with his incredible physique and strength.
Man, that guy is so awesome. He's ALMOST as cool as "The Toe".

by Joe Pro March 29, 2007
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Short for 'the ghetto'. Only used by white girls to describe a town they feel fits all the aspects of the ghetto. Used to explain where a person is from.
Tina: Hey, see that girl over there?
Sheila: Yeah
Tina: She's from the toe.

Shanice: Hey want to come over my house this weekend?
Tina: Sure, where do you live?
Shanice: Near Bywood
Sheila: Oh, you're from the toe.
Shanice: What's "the toe?"
Kelly: It's a white girl thing...
Shanice: Fair Enough.
by Wordsbyus December 12, 2009
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1. Conflict between two or more individuals, usually meaning the breaking point or most heated part of a beef.
2. Two or more individuals who are very well balanced.
3. Two individuals standing right in front of eachother. Usually during a heated argument.
1. Man, Shady/Aftermath and Inc are going toe to toe, it's about to get physical.
2. I don't know who will win the boxing match, both men are toe to toe.
3. My parents are toe to toe right now yelling about taxes.
by Beedub December 27, 2003
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Not caring about the sex of the individual performing oral sex or other sexual acts on you.
A phrase popularized by radio personality Wendy Williams.
"Girl, I don't care who does it because a toe is a toe and it all fells good."
by butta baby April 22, 2005
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Something to eat when you are bored
I could totally eat some toes right now
by lexi_2005 February 6, 2020
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by tela lol December 4, 2021
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A growth digit at the tip of your foot created for the sole purpose of demonstrating horrible pain when you stub it against a corner or wall.
Joe: *joe stubs his toe* “GOD fucking damn it MY TOE” *joe proceeds to shriek hysterically in pain*
by exserohilum November 18, 2019
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