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Short for 'the ghetto'. Only used by white girls to describe a town they feel fits all the aspects of the ghetto. Used to explain where a person is from.
Tina: Hey, see that girl over there?
Sheila: Yeah
Tina: She's from the toe.

Shanice: Hey want to come over my house this weekend?
Tina: Sure, where do you live?
Shanice: Near Bywood
Sheila: Oh, you're from the toe.
Shanice: What's "the toe?"
Kelly: It's a white girl thing...
Shanice: Fair Enough.
by Wordsbyus December 12, 2009

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A group of 3 bestfriends that think they are the shit, but really they are just liars, sneaky and bitches. Everyone acts like they like them but really most girls talk about them behind their back.
Alyssa: So I texted the colt and invited them to my party last night but they never replied.

Kasie: Wait, they never replied? That's weird because i texted them lastnight and asked them what the math homework was and they replied in less then two seconds.

Alyssa: Wow, those sneaky bitches.

Terry: Sneaky bithches? Are you guys talking about the colt?

Kasie: Yes

Terry: Man, I hate them.

The Colt: Oh, Hey guys what's up?

Kasie: Oh nothing. Just talking about how much we love you guys.
by Wordsbyus December 14, 2009

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