After covering your lady friend's face in a healthy dose of your hot man chowder you then proceed to wrap her head in tin or aluminium foil while the aforementioned spunk still remains on her face
We were out of Plastic wrap last night so i just gave my girl the Tin Man instead.

"What are you the Cowerdly Lion? Give me the Tin Man"
by Billie_Lavin June 19, 2009
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When you are about to enact in lude activites with your mate, and you realize niether of you have condoms. You go to the kitchen and grab the Reynolds Wrap. Wrap your penis in the tin foil and proceed with your activities.
Mary Ann, I dont have any condoms. But I'll give you The Tin Man.
by StainOnTheSheets July 8, 2020
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if you can hear this little girl sing, and not smile you are the tin man.
by Jesse Colburn January 6, 2008
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A cop or police officer. Is called so because his/her badge looks like it is made out of tin. A reference can be found in the movie "last action hero" with arnold scharzenegger
bad guy: "...who wants to know?"
arnold: ""the tin man ( holds up badge)"
badguy: " well, why dont you hit the bricks tin man"
arnold: " there not the right color"
by walker538 June 15, 2007
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one with osteoporosis like qualities, uses lubricants instead of water to hydrate, A man with a dead prawn-like pinky finger, a poor conversationalist.
by 123bootcare October 19, 2014
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Tin Man derives from the element Tin symbol Sn which stands for Some Nigger.

A name for white people to call niggers in code language so they don't get shot, stabbed, raped, etc.
Hey have you seen the Tin Man that the Broncos just drafted? Holy Shit!
by Steve Jacksons 5 November 4, 2010
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