To insert your penis into a females Vagina or anus and come out on the other side.
"You should of seen the tentacle i got on her last night."
by ZuFe December 1, 2011
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Although her boyfriend dumped her, Shikima had her tentacles to fall back on.
by Atma January 5, 2004
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To have tentacles of some kind - be it from machines, aliens or plants - stuck in every orifice of your body and rubbing various other erogene spots. Since erotic material such as this is extremely hard to recreate with real actors, it is almost solely used in japanese hentai. See tentacle monster, tentacle rape.
(While watching a hentai movie)

Wow, look! She got tentacled!
by KiddDaBeauty September 23, 2005
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an armlike appendage found in cephalopods (octopus and squid) covered in suckers.

a staple of twisted japanese hentai porn. tentacle-rape scenes and bukkake are to the japanese sexual identity what scheisse-movies are to germany.
The Tokyo police force was severely underfunded, having to deal with not only the 41st Street Yakuza and the weekly drunken samurai incidents, but also a sudden outbreak of tentacle rape in the 8th precinct.
by flight sergeant filipowitz January 10, 2005
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1. A large rapeing arm of an octopus who rapes innocent japanese school children and is feared by sailors

2. the act of being reincarnated as a serial rapist

3. A gayman's penis
tentacle hentai
giant octopus tentacle
tentacle fred
tentacle rapists
by Im scared of tentacles May 11, 2011
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The act of adding tentacles to something (usually in a sexual manor).
Those Japanese sure do love to Tentacleize their hentai!
by NickyRodgers June 27, 2015
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