The act of deficating on your parnters face while having sex and smiring it around then throwing recycled pubic hairs on the face of whom you smired the feces on thus representing a middle eastern man. WORKS BEST WHEN X-LAX IS INVOLVED.
I totally pulled the taliban on that girl last night.
by scrillanftk April 27, 2009
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1. Instilling radicalism into the young generation

2. The calculated use of violence against civilians in order to attain ulterior goals that are both political and religious in nature, which is always done through deliberate act of terrorism, intimidation or coercion.
Afghan administration banned underhand Quranic schools used for talibanization of the young children.
by Abdi Mahad October 20, 2012
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cool fucking people that beat tf out of westoid americans who r now calling them terrorists lol cry about it westoid
Intellectual Person : Hey, The Taliban aren't that bad!
American : take your hand shove it your your ass take the potty out and put it on a plate and then mix it with 1 kg of cocaine and all the powder type drugs to make the potty tasty and more dry like put a lot 10 kg of every thing

Then take 10 liters of liquid drugs and just mix it with it and then take the shit make small balls then put it on the pan with 100 ml of melted black tar heroin on it with full fast heat on and then let it cook just flip it and all that shit then take it out when black as the african starving kids then inject 5 needles of heroin into it and then eat it
by _Lyni_ October 27, 2021
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A taliban is a certain someone who’s name is often Muhammad or KYLE they blow people up and go scap scap pap pap with their AK47 blazin into a church, they love hitler. They’re favourite sport is planes and buildings
Kyle: hi

Adam: wtf is that thing under your jacket

Kyle: Àlla Akbar
Taliban: he did me proud
by Im not hitler 😉 October 30, 2019
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1. The act of banning any Taliban member from a specific area or activity.

Examples include: Crossing a border, entering a city, serving on a tribal committee or boarding an airplane. In some cases, local governments are trying to recruit ex-Taliban members into the fold, providing a way out from "Talibanishment."

2. The continuing effort by Pakistani and Afghani officials to eliminate Taliban violence by labeling specific individuals or groups as terrorists.

3. An extremely difficult task.
Mustafa won't be coming to Lahore for the soccer game next week. He's been Talibanned.
by Peter Kobs January 4, 2010
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(Ar. Students) Islamic fundamentalist militants who came to power in Afghanistan in 1995 and were expelled from the country a few years later by American and native forces.
The word “Taliban” comes from the Arabic word talib, which means “student.” The organization was founded by Mullah Mohammed Omar, an extremely enigmatic individual who went into hiding in 2001 after the organization's fall from power. Members of the Taliban were originally religious students who developed a very conservative interpretation of Islam and the Sharia, or Islamic law. During Afghanistan's long and bitter civil war, members of the Taliban began a slow rise to power, and the group ultimately took control of most of Afghanistan, promising to put a stop to infighting between various bands of mujahideen, or groups of soldiers led by warlords, to make Afghanistan a safer place.
by Dancing with Fire January 17, 2011
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A trending Islamic terrorist group who have practically colonized Afghanistan.
Did you know the Afghan president has fled the country because the Talibans have pretty much taken over?
by Rotten Turkey August 21, 2021
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