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A symbol of the old Corporal Punishment Era of parenting
Big, scary leather belt that a parent would use on his kids when they started acting up or mouthing off or doing something really dumb for which they deserved to be punished. Thought at the time to be an effective tool for keeping kids in line, the Strap has long since fallen out of favor with most enlightened folk and replaced with other more humane forms of disciplinary enforcement. These days just the threat of using The Strap (never mind actually following through on that threat) can get a parent in big trouble with the local police department, attorney general's office, social services, and so on...much to the chagrin and frustration of ruthless, authoritarian types everywhere
father: You better wise the hell up, boy, or else you're gettin' the Strap!
son: Yeah sure, Dad. Leave a giant welt across my back, k? I'll use it as evidence against you at your trial for child abuse LOLOLOL
father: Ah, fuck! *grrrrrr*
by AcheNot December 13, 2017
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