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When a woman shits in a mans hand during sex and the man wipes the feces on his upper lip, leaving a streak that looks like Steve Harvey's mustache. Once the streak has hardened onto the man's lip, he eats the woman out while moaning the number one answers from the most recent Family Feud episode.
Jen: "Have you done The Steve Harvey with your boyfriend yet?"
Pamela: "No."
Jen: "Oh, you're missing out."
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by SatanWithoutHorns September 19, 2018
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Congratulating or awarding someone in front of an audience, only to realize they are not the intended recipient; then, having to retract your congratulations, leaving them standing there awkwardly with a half-frozen smile on their face. Painful.
Sheila, Congratulations on being the top salesperson of the year!!! Here is your plaque showing our appreciation! Oh wait, this says SHAWN... Sheila was not the winner, and thus, the loser. Sorry for the Steve Harvey.
by CleverCleo March 31, 2016
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