The point in a friendship when your perfectly happy and confident being completely naked around each other without fear of rejection. Let your hairy tacos out of their cages twats.
Gabby: um...why are you standing naked in the hallway.

Raeya: Because i love you bitch, wanna take a bath together.

Gabby: Sure, twatt.

Raeya: Pinky-swear you won't fuck me.

Gabby: lol..I'll try not to.

Raeya: Hey, wigga we totally have Nakatory status

Gabby: what's Nakatory status?

Raeya: Look it up twat.
by Kissthegirl May 29, 2013
A short funny video that usually makes very little sense or none at all, and the only reason you laugh is because it is so overwhelmingly dumb.
*sees a video on elevator lore in 3x speed and 144p quality*
"Oh that's a Shitpost/Shitpost status because it is overwhelmingly dumb"
by Based zelda nerd. January 10, 2022
Smooth, cool, awesome, too legit too quit, fly beyond belief, pulling off what others cant
"Man, you are so fly, how do you do it"

"Just living Slick Status"
by Hollywood JAmes June 11, 2012
When a person displays their status on Facebook, yet no one comments or likes it. Hence, "stationary".
Derek: "What's Fred up to?"
Mike: "Not much since he's got a stationary status."
by petepete518 August 6, 2011

Something so incredulous or amazing that the greatness of the act, situation, joke, or statement can only be described as "Whammy Bar Status"

Not to be confused with "wammy bar"
"That back flip, hand spring, twister, double double tuck was totally Whammy Bar Status!"

by Amazingiest Person Ever March 18, 2009
When you make a genuinely funny Facebook status and someone corrects a small grammatical error you made and then that's all people notice.
Status: Who makes the sandwich if your in a gay relationship?

Comment: *you're

Comment after that: wow nice grammar lol

Response to comment: that is now a tainted status
by original name March 1, 2012
A nice looking man or men that you observe from afar. A male distraction.
I was unable to perform my work duties because a handsome meat statue was in my area.
by EQuotationmark March 2, 2022