The Smirk is Bob's Smirk, everyone wants it, only one can have it
by PerfectPeridot January 29, 2021
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a smile that finds something funny, not necessarily in a scornful way.
Kate found the situation entirely amusing, apparent by the slight smirk on her face, which was really just a display of her enjoyment of the moment.
by booyaha April 13, 2014
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A cocky smile or arrogant gesture often displayed at the misfortune of others.
The bitch smirked at the quadriplegic attempting to reach the soup cans on the high shelf of the grocery store.
by Ghouligan July 25, 2016
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Smart asses use this a lot. End of discussion.
“Ugh brad is such a smart ass
“Yeah he does this ugly lil smirk every time he thinks he’s being funny”
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person #1: Ooh, I won the game, what ya gonna do about it?
person #1 smirks

me: That smirk on your face is driving me crazy. You know what?!!! Get the smirk off your face!!
by DarDarDar September 5, 2010
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What teachers mistake you for doing,when you are actually smiling politely.
I must not smirk in class.
I must not smirk in class.
I must not smirk in class.

It goes on forever...
by SomeoneNew December 20, 2012
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Nickname for the Resident.
While speaking, anytime, has this
totally inappropriate assinine smile
on his face.
2004 is the year to deselect the smirk.
by Exeter October 17, 2003
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