Smart asses use this a lot. End of discussion.
“Ugh brad is such a smart ass
“Yeah he does this ugly lil smirk every time he thinks he’s being funny”
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person #1: Ooh, I won the game, what ya gonna do about it?
person #1 smirks

me: That smirk on your face is driving me crazy. You know what?!!! Get the smirk off your face!!
by DarDarDar September 5, 2010
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What teachers mistake you for doing,when you are actually smiling politely.
I must not smirk in class.
I must not smirk in class.
I must not smirk in class.

It goes on forever...
by SomeoneNew December 20, 2012
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What a the main character does in an anime when they know something you don’t or when they know they’re winning a fight.
Robbie Rotten Kun: Fool, you do not know that I am number one.
Shaggy San: *smirk* But you do not know my secret *proceeds to pull out the reverse card*
by WeedWizard70 July 5, 2019
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1.) the look seen in the eyes and body language of an extremely attractive brown individual; usually given off in response to something the individual finds sexy.
2.) a sexual response initiating look that can be found on the face of an extremely attractive brown individual, in which usage of the look will result in instant macking.
Woahhh, look at Chris's smirk right now. I just wanna start mackin' him right now...
by sexywhitechicaa November 18, 2010
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It means Smirnoff you idiots!! When you crunk and you smashed you call it smirk!!
"I got that smirk in my system!"
by !JIMBO! March 31, 2006
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a smile that finds something funny, not necessarily in a scornful way.
Kate found the situation entirely amusing, apparent by the slight smirk on her face, which was really just a display of her enjoyment of the moment.
by booyaha April 13, 2014
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