An urban legend in the flesh. One who stives for what he believes in, himself. One who is true to himself.
"Man, you're the shink. Dude."
by Walter Jennings October 16, 2009
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To take a shit in someone's sink and leave it.
The party sucked so I left a shink to let them know.
by MeLaramie March 08, 2011
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the sound uttered when producing (or making the motion of producing) a blade, expandable baton, or other metallic object, usually a weapon.
Check out this shiv I just got. *Shink*
by elemental June 27, 2005
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1. To stagnate and wallow in mediocrity.
2. To become bloated and uncomfortable due to lack of activity.
The profits were shinking due to lackluster sales performance.

Without exercise or doing much needed chores at home, Joanna found her body shinking.
by eruditus May 18, 2007
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The Joining of the words "should" and "think" in Norfolk and Suffolk slang.


See also shew
Yaaarp, I Shink so
by NaTaahleee July 22, 2010
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Short for Shinkansen, the Japanese Bullet train. Often used by foreigners living in Japan.
We are taking the shink to Tokyo next weekend, want to come?

Yeah, it's expensive, but we still want to shink it, it's the fastest way to go.
by Rogue_7 February 10, 2009
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