The Sausage is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program located in Norton, Mass that consists of ITP, a halfway house, multiphase unit and two sober houses. It is known for having a lot of homosexuals workers and rehabers. founded by a gay jewish man named Larry S. who finally died in December of 2017 due to complications of HIV. Here All the youngsters are in for heroin and the older dry drunks are in for Alcohol, there is no in-between.
Mike: "Hey Steve, a bed opened up for me at The Sausage. I am so excited!"
Steve: "That is super! I heard there's a lot of johnnies at the sausage, I Think i might go there too!"
by HIVschneider69 September 1, 2018
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When you're drunk off your ass and on the cusp of alcohol poisoning but you're still functioning correctly and having a great ass time.
Dude, my ass was so sausaged last night! I drank 3 four locos, almost fuckin died but I was still lit, danced to gasolina 8 times.
by Meh123 June 11, 2017
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When you eat too many sausages. Side effects may include having a severe chest cough and croaky voice.
"I'm not feeling so well after that hot dog! I hope I don't have sausagitis..."
by read_words_kids March 27, 2021
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1.) Lacking of anything, material or otherwise.
2.) A taunting or jesting phrase, usually said when denying someone of a privalage after allowing them (either intentionally or unintentinally) to get their hopes up.
1.)"Hey Ted, do you have the rent today?"
"No sausage."
2.) "I was playin halo, and I raped this guy. Then he came back, and he thought he was gonna get me, but I was like 'No sausage' and I raped him again."
by Davada Niviob February 22, 2009
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friend: eat?
me: sausage
by Xonde April 19, 2019
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It's great music and crowd. You can go home but I decided to stay and to sausage.
by Matomat January 27, 2019
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To repeatedly slap a sausage on a persons face when they are sleeping in order to confuse them into thinking it is a penis.
Dude i took a picture of you gettin sausaged last night.
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