In video game store etiquette, The Rule is the obligation one has to hand a video game console over to other people waiting to play once that person loses the game he is on. Failure to follow The Rule will often result in bystanders complaining about disregard for this sacred rule.
"Hey what's this guy doing?! Does't he know The Rule?"
by Ron McGoo II May 30, 2009
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A common statement is which a person attempts to convey that "rules" (policies, laws, etc) must be followed irrespective of personal intuition or any sense of what really makes sense. "Rules is rules" conveys that it is the rule, and nothing else, that determines a certain action or inaction. The statement is usually used in a context where it is believed that the rule "doesn't make sense", but it must be followed anyway, simply because it is a rule.
Unfortunately our company doesn't allow us to send Excel files because they might have malicious macros embedded. Even if I know an Excel files is safe, I can not send it to you via email because "rules is rules".
by seajay1978 January 14, 2016
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Why are you looking this up, nobody follows the rules on Urban Dictionary including the editors.
"Let me make a definitions about my crush and how sexy she is"

Looks at the rules

"Fuck that everybody needs to know how hot she is"
by LolCringe August 18, 2019
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Something that is higher in quality than all other things.
by Katie March 30, 2004
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used as a sarcastic response when an individual expresses how much they don't obey the social norms or adhere to the generally accepted guidelines of society
Dude 1 "Yo breh i hit that bitch from behind last night after drinking to excess and smoking a blunt while flipping off the cops and go-karting around the hopes and dreams of orphans..."

Dude 2: "NO RULES DUDE!!!"
by lol @ the world April 6, 2009
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Things that are made to be broken.
I walked into my Catholic School class, breaking as many "rules" as I could. I had a hat on (twisted halfway to the left), chomping on gum and blowing big pink bubbles, shirt untucked, no belt underneath, shoe laces undone, and to top it off I walked in five minutes after the bell. My teacher nearly had a heart attack when she saw me slouching in my seat and in this state of so-called "disrepair." She shrieked at me. "You know the rules! No gum, shirt tucked in, a belt, and your shoes MUST.BE.TIED! Get to class on time next time, or instead of a tardy I'll send you to the principal. Now get out your homework!" I nonchalantly asked, "What homework?" She screamed, "You know the rules, do your homework." And I responded deadpan, "Rules are things that are made to be broken."
by I listen to Indie Music February 3, 2007
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