Having sex doggystyle while both participants are laying down on their side.

Conservatives find regular doggystyle too animalistic or are just flat out too lazy for the position, so they came up with this variation.
Teddy: Oh hey Don, isn't that the chick you fucked last weekend? She's got an ass to die for! I bet you hit it doggy?
Don: Nah man, she didn't like the way my gut was resting on her lower back so I had to hit her in the republican
by Mr. Sucksdorff December 1, 2020
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A guy who is a legit Republican. He typically thinks he is awesome and will say outlandish remarks about how insanely amazing the Republicans are. He may have a big head, and sometimes he likes to punch windows. If you find yourself having sexual fantasies about him, you are not alone.

Theresa, "Did you see The Republican??"
Tyler, "Yah, he was strolling down the hallway today wearing a pro-Bush shirt, and then he walked into the wall. He just looked so stellarly dreamy..."
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Republicans are one of two dominant political parties in the United States, and the one that cleaves to generally rightist policies.

Gained support by convincing poor whites that poor blacks benefited disproportionately from aid programs, thus getting a bunch of plutocrats elected to office for the sole purpose of giving tax cuts to the rich.

Also reflexively oppose every policy proposed by a liberal group on principle.

Dislikes government regulation of business. Would rather we have no way to stop businesses with evil intent from abusing us.
One good example (or bad one, depending on how you look at it) of a Republican is George W. Bush.

The Tea Party have about 90% of the time voted for Republicans, so any bullshit about them not being Republican is only so Republicans have scapegoats for the occasional really insane shit they do.
by Savonarola August 1, 2011
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someone who runs as a candidate for the sole purpose of cutting taxes/keeping them low
W ran for president as a Republican because he thought taxes were too high on the wealthy.
by whatever5551 July 26, 2011
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Repuclicans are followers of one of two moderate right-wing idealisms currently vying for power in the United States of America.
Like most people, they are well intentioned, and believe firmly in 80's conservative thought, that society should essentially be run on the basis of a firm, fair meritocracy.
Sadly, there are many faults to this point of view. Like most ideologies it fails to take into account much of practical reality. The net result of excessive republicanism appears to be unregulated markets, social inequity, aggressive tribalism and unaccountable power structures run by a wealthy elite.
These excesses run contrary to the ideology's core values, and so it might be said to be self-destructive.
It is questionable whether the United States (and we in the rest of the free world) should be under the leadership of the present president were it not for the partisan nature of the US legal system; in particular the majority of republicans in its upper echelons.
by European October 29, 2003
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A person who typically suffers from some form of Paranoid Personality Disorder.
Sally Kern is a Republican legislator from Oklahoma who believes that America's gays are responsible for the Bu$h recession.
by WiserOne July 4, 2009
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One who see things in a way that rational people just can't.

1) one who sees economic prosperity in the past just before President Obama was elected

2) one who sees an economic collapse in the future if Obama's re-elected

3) one who sees lowering taxes on the wealthy as the best way to help the poor

4) one who sees increased military spending as reduced government spending

5) one who sees an attack on religious freedom anywhere religion is not free to attack

6) one who sees an evil Obama in an empty chair at the 2012 Republican National Convention

7) one who just doesn't see reality
Ann Romney: "There won't be any more tax releases...We given all YOU PEOPLE need to know."
2012 Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney: "Corporations are people, my friend."
2012 Republican Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan plans to voucher Medicare in order to pay for tax cuts for millionaires and businesses that ship American jobs overseas, if elected.
by CompassionateAmerican September 12, 2012
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