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A group of white, racist, diabetic, senior citizens dressed in garments from the late 1700s. They want to lower taxes for rich people (for some unknown fucking reason) and cut spending despite being entirely dependent on medicare and social security. This paradox clearly underscores their fundamental lack of LOGIC.

Ironically, these idiots were dead silent when President George W. Bush ran up the deficit with tax cuts and two wars. But when President Barack Obama was elected to office, the idea that a black man was spending their money made them sound the alarm.
"Get your hands of my Medicare!!"

- Actual quote from a member of the Tea Party at a Town Hall meeting.
by KakashiBallZ May 25, 2011
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Canadian-based power trio, often compared to Led Zeppelin and The Doors, which are both arguable comparisons. They have produced, for EMI Canada, 7 albums, and contradict their anti-music-industry stance with a few #1 hits. They have performed with the Rolling Stones at Toronto's SARStock, and have toured the country with an orchestra tour.
by kamera December 30, 2004
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1. The now-defunct rock band. The ultra-pretentious douchebag Jeff Martin announced the end of The Tea Party at a press conference in 2005, allowing his two band-mates of 30 years (Stuart Chatwood, Jeff Burrows) to find out that their careers had been terminated by getting phone calls from journalists.

Once mighty, The Tea Party have fallen off the ends of the Earth, with their songs now only occasionally played on Canadian rock stations to help fulfill the CRTC's Canadian-content regulations. Already, most college and university students have no clue that this band ever existed.

2. To be a Canadian rock band that is hugely successful in Canada and overseas, but compromises their integrity with vain attempts to penetrate the U.S. market.

1. The Tea Party's only #1 hit was Heaven Coming Down.

2. I hope Billy Talent stick to their guns instead of being a Tea Party.
by Leroy Brown 420 February 01, 2009
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