An ignorant user that spends all of his time in a Pojo. He spends all of his waking hours on Pojo, typing inane YuGiOh theories even though he has no competitive experience. If you happen to point out a flaw in one of his arguments, he will ignore you or make a horrible analogy. He is constantly accompanied by the hermaphrodite Nuuuuf and the equally misguided troll T-Drag. If you ever venture into the dark section of Pojo's Banned and Restricted section, watch out for this freak and his gang of lackeys.
1: Stop! It's Logic Time!
2: Random Poster: The Quiff, your analogies are terrible.
The Quiff: Would you rather: A: Catch a disease, but be cured afterward.
B: Have a vaccination so that disease can never affect you.
Random Poster: Dude, this is a YuGiOh forum.
The Quiff: <ignores post>
3: The Quiff: Come, my minions!
*random trolls and tools from Pojo pop up*
by DantedaKing23 August 29, 2008
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A quiffe is a sound that generates from a womans vagina doing sexual intercourse. The sound occurs when the amount of lubrication starts to deminish and air gets trapped as the penis enters in and out causing a "farting" sound
pussy, sex, fart,
Her pussy let out a quiffe after he pulled his dick out.
by Ndygo May 15, 2007
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badass haircut from the 50's, worn by guys that would kick your ass anyday. The haircut is pronounced: kwi-ff. A kwee-Fffff is just a pussy fart
Man look at that guy with the quiff. I bet he could kick my ass.
by Teddy Boy March 20, 2003
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A scottish term for the celebrity Mark McKenzies lack of hair on the frontal side of his head
"Hul Mark man a hink you drapped sumhing"
"Yer quiff is on the floor ya mad hypebeast man"
by Pure Mad D Mckee November 5, 2019
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Popularized mostly by 50s Rockabillys, a quiff is basically a forelock that is longer than the rest of one's hair on top, and is usually combed upwards (and back), or to the side, or made to hang over the forehead.
Depending on the wearers hair type a spot of gel or grease may be in order. Very stylish & manly. If done properly.

The quiff is often worn as a variation or 'evolution' on the very simple (and very manly) crew cut, or with the (longer & back-combed) 'duck's arse' or DA hairstyle.

Called a 'banane' in French, for obvious reasons.
A few Famous Quiffs:

Elvis Presley

Travolta in 'Grease'


Chris Isaak

There's lots more, but has anyone seen the massive quiffs on those Japanese high-school rebel kids (often the heroes of 'shonen manga' (Japanese comics for boys))?? They kick ass!
by Smith January 24, 2005
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A slang term originating in the 1920's, a quiff is a slut or cheap prostitute.
Mrs. Stengel was a total quiff today.
by Mark Twain, Jr. November 24, 2010
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A hairstlye from the 50's revived by the rockabilly and psychobilly scene. It is not to be confused with wordqueef/word.
They turn around steal our riffs,
Next think you know you see a boy band with quiffs.

-The Quakes
by Subcultural Girl September 5, 2003
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