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Isaak is a man of great taste. He will always have your back and never fail to make you smile. He is very handsome and wears plaid shirts all the time. He is nice to you if you are nice to him but will stand his ground you off if you cross him. He speaks sarcasm as a second language. He is a fantastic guy. Isaak is a huge geek but is actually is very good with girls and focuses his emotions directly on one girl in particular.
person 1: "wow isaac is amazing!!!"
person 2: "Isaak is so geeky"
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by a_schilf April 06, 2017
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He is the most kind loving boyfriend ever. He gets along with a lot of people and has several friends. He knows just how to make his girlfriend happy and would kill to spend time with her. He's acceptable of most things and people and understands others opinions and beliefs. He's pretty athletic, super fast and loves to spend time outdoors with his friends. Although indoors playing video games is just as good. Doesn't like school a whole lot but is glad he can spend time with his friends there.
"have you met that dude Isaak"
"yeah bro he's really cool to hang out with"
by ms.zeldalover January 02, 2017
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Isaak. tall, skinny, cannot gain weight. Loves First Robotics. is physically fit, but not particularly strong. is very good at mountain biking, Frisbee golf, kite boarding, and skiing. he is very objective and thinks of girls Platonicly in 99 percent of cases, which makes him not awkward at all around girls. he loves hawian shirts. and is generaly awesome
Isaak is quirky buy cool
by Hawian shirt baddassis January 16, 2010
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