A sudden onset of a series of queefs, otherwise known as a release if air from the vaginal region, that may or may not render the sufferer immobile. Currently, there is no known cure.
Maggie had a case of the queefs while she was delivering her graduation speech.
by Queef_queen23 November 3, 2014
a little bit of air that gets caught in a woman`s vagina sometimes it happens after you have intercourse it can also happen if you just have a god damn vagina and it is not something to be embarrasd about because even if your a girl and a virgin it can happen to you to it sometimes happens when you walk because of the space inbetween your legs
oh crap i just queefed. don`t worry its cute
by killer queef March 24, 2016
His coital sojourn was brief;
He came, and withdrew like a thief.
As his trouser snake left,
Though, there belched from her cleft
A most satisfactory queef.
by npetrikov June 8, 2010
When the magical unicorn in women's vagina sneezes. Usually during sex.
"damn, Lucy can queef like an elephant!"
by playdoedoedoe February 18, 2017
Air expulged from vagina ; How to tell you are beating it up correctly.
If she didn't queef, you are lousy in the sack.
by Al' De'lewag December 24, 2006
A None Scented fart from ones Vaginal Area
Kim Kardashians Face, Expresses a Queef.
by Einstein Junior April 18, 2015
Also known as a pussy fart, muff puff, and other names, a queef is flatulence from your vagina.

Women usually queef after sex, as air has been caught in the vagina, causing them to queef. But, they can queef at any time so long they have air caught in their vagina.

Queefs do not smell like a fart usually would, because it’s just air.
Did you hear Ashley queef? That pussy fart was a big one!
by sittingchimp May 13, 2021