A term for the kickass band, Judas Priest. Since they're so good, they have become the ONE AND ONLY Priest.
Metalhead: I listened to The Priest today, pretty awesome.

Confused Christian: Ahh... you mean Father Pedo, yes, his sermons are great.

Metalhead: umm... no, I'm talking about the metalgods, Judas Priest!!!

Confused Christian: sinners!!! nooo!!!!
by brian July 9, 2005
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A boy who, in the RC church, enters a seminary where, without having acquired sufficient understanding, he vows to abstain from women and healthy sexual desires. Upon ordiantion a few years later he is inflicted upon the world, still no wiser and only a little better educated, where he is treated by believers as though he is God incarnate. This combination of twisted sexuality and superhuman authority was the cause of the disaster that has befallen so many children throughout the Catholic world.
All priests are perverts, Q.E.D.
by Andrew Strand February 15, 2007
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Me: who's that man in a dress?
Church-goer that's a priest.
by WorkVitamins March 13, 2008
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now you understand why little boys are so quiet at church, priest
by anon500 June 13, 2009
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A Catholic man who wears black clothes and a white collar who pretends to represent Christ, but is actually a homosexual pedophile.

Hey, do you see that priest over there? That's the one who sodomized me in second grade.

The priest who performed my marriage raped me when I was 7.

The parish priest got us drunk and then sucked our cocks.

That's the priest who shoved a crucifix in my ass when I was in kindergarten.

The priest from our church blessed our cocks with holy water before he blew us.
by Louis P. July 31, 2006
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1) A profession that has come to be associated with acts of sodomy and depravity towards children, as evidenced by the overwhelming spread of child molestation crimes among the Catholic church. While many priests can be rightfully condemned for being homosexual, hypocritical paedophiles, the remaining population of clergy members who're actually upright, honest and chaste (and find butt-fucking little boys at the altar as equally repugnant as any sensible human being would), are often overlooked in light of the gay, depraved shits who've destroyed the church's image simply because they couldn't handle a demanding life of celibacy and control their own sick desires at once.

2) The casual way of referring to "Judas Priest", one of the greatest heavy metal bands to have ever thundered onto stage, and are responsible for perfecting the genre after Black Sabbath laid the blueprints for heavy metal. Judas Priest is called "priest" the same way as metalheads refer to Black Sabbath as simply "Sabbath" and Iron Maiden as "Maiden"; other metalheads will instantly know what you're talking about, while outsiders might go "Huh? You went and saw Priest? Where? What church? Why?"
1) "He loves the boys in the choir,
They keep their souls pure.
But the tenor worries him...
So he must be the closest to him.
On his nightstand, quiet and wordless,
A picture of the Lord...
He slowly turns it around.
When the church clock strikes twice,
He folds his hands for prayer.
He has remained without a wife,
So he must love his neighbour."
~ Translated lyrics for Rammstein's song "Hallelujah"

2) Metalhead #1: "Hey man, did you get Priest's latest album, "Angel of Retribution"?
Metalhead #2: "You bet, man. It kicks ass."
Metalhead #1: "It's Priest. Of course they kick ass."
by Alhadis January 25, 2006
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