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A priest is a man in a dress.
Me: who's that man in a dress?
Church-goer that's a priest.
by WorkVitamins March 12, 2008
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A design victim will decorate his or her house by the book, ie. follow the latest trends in magazines, tv shows etc... According to a design victim absolutely everything in their house should be designed: from the teapot (Alessi), to the toilet brush (Starck). The sole aim in life of the design victim is to have a magazine publish his or her interiors. Most relationships with design victims end up in divorce.
Example of a design victim's dialogue: Darling how many times do I have to tell you not to wear those red slippers in the bedroom, your suppose to walk bare-footed on a Karim Rashid rug!
by WorkVitamins March 12, 2008
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Desk Inferiority Complex is related to office envy and desk envy. A patient who suffers from desk inferiority complex will be working in a company where the desks are so small he or she believes they can't work properly and will need a larger desk. The disease manifests itself only after the patient has noticed that other companies have larger, strikingly bigger, massive, gleaming desks with satisfied looking workers sitting behind. According to Adler, all office workers experience feelings of desk inferiority as children having seen their father's big desks and spend the rest of their lives trying to compensate for those feelings.
John's desk inferiority complex has become so bad that he is now trying to use two desks with the pedestal between his legs.
by WorkVitamins March 13, 2008
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Related to Desk envy. A patient suffering from office envy will when walking into an office of another company feel overwhelmed with a sense of envy. He or she will be found staring or touching the large well- proportioned desks, big round, beautifully curved meeting tables and soft shaggy carpets.
Having seen these large, massive desks, curved tables and soft carpeting he or she will be thinking about them all the time and comparing them to their own smaller, uglier and bad-proportioned office, leading to office envy.
Herb clearly suffers from office envy, every time he walks into a client's meeting room he forgets about the sales and can't keep his hands off the furniture.
by WorkVitamins March 13, 2008
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Desk envy: A new employee notices the strikingly visible and well-proportioned desk of a manager or senior executive immediately recognising it as the superior counterpart of his or her own little desk and from then on he or she is subject to desk envy. They have seen it, knowing that they do not have it, and want it.

In desk-dominated organizations, patients displaying the symptoms of desk envy express a wish to take possession of a larger desk at any cost. Management within these organizations have learned to use this uncontrollable urge for a large desk as a motivational tool and have started introducing a variety of desk sizes within the office, while keeping the largest desks for themselves. To paraphrase Jean Cournot the thing about which there is most consensus in this world, much more than the notion of common sense, is the difference between desk sizes. Recent research has empirically shown that emphasizing the difference in desk size can become fatal to an organization.

Treatment: The cure is very simple by keeping all the desks the same size the organization will avoid desk envy. Care however should be taken not to make the desks too small as this might lead to a desk inferiority complex. Patients who suffer from a desk inferiority complex might catch, while visiting other companies, office envy.

Our company president suffered terribly from desk envy, he always wanted to have the largest desk in the organization. When he retired his desk filled the whole room so he had to move in and out of his room through the window.
by WorkVitamins March 13, 2008
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A person (usually a girl) who is dressed head to toe in Chanel products.
Paris Hilton is such a Chanella.
by WorkVitamins April 09, 2008
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Someone who can't or doesn't want to settle down into a relationship.
Sally is sexually homeless
by WorkVitamins April 24, 2010
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