A sexual act in which a male approaches a woman's anus at a perpendicular angle and proceeds to stimulate said woman's anus orally. Whilst stimulating the anus, it is required that the male reaches underneath the woman's hips and brings the woman to her climax by playin her pussy like a flute.
Yo dude why werent you at band practice?
- Nah man I was... I was giving Jenny the Pied Piper and she wont be able to march for weeks.
by The Go-Go-Gadget dicks March 8, 2012
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Used to describe a person talks often convincingly but who leads people into disaster .
DNC officials labeled Trump a “Pied Piper candidate
by BernardZ December 1, 2016
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A pedophile, reference to old children's tale where a flute player lures children into his dungeon as punishment to the adults of the village.

British slang, often used in certain parts of the U.K.
"You know that minister that lives down the street?"
"Yeah? Father Johnson?"
"Yeah, I heard he's a pied piper"
by rastamouse July 9, 2012
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Blowjob variation, where the blower runs their lips up and down along the shaft of the penis while the blowee whistles a tune.
Suzie gave me a pied piper last night, and whenever she hit an off note I poked it in her eye!
by dudelove March 28, 2005
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a term used for R-Kelly because he has so much in common with the pied piper
the pied piper back with his new song snake
by d July 31, 2003
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cheuvensitic, piccolo-playing bus passenger
The Pied Piper will make you say "please" later!
by mnboarderchick December 1, 2004
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if u av sum1 unda da manners eg for example a puppet master, hu can control dem gals.
bruv u is a pied piper u is controlin da gal dem....pied piper!!! brap brap!!!
by Cherry xxx April 4, 2005
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