A pretty chill dude who usually thinks before he talks and doesn't generally go in for societies latest stupidity. Has a interesting accent that could be mistaken for a slight southern drawl but is really due to the fact he grew up on a colony (funny farm). Probably owns a stil and drinks the odd glass of shine. Generally known to be a one woman man and pretty good with kids. Only has the usual addictions ( alcohol,hunting,fishing). Often known to be a shred business man....example, he can buy it from a Mennonite and sell it to a Scotsman and still turn a profit, or, he sure hofer'd him on the price !!
That hofer guy! He's ok in my books !
by Oceanpacific77 September 23, 2021
One who cannot do anything right, or does it in such a way that he may be considered to be mildly retarded.
"Don't be such a hofer!"

"You really hofed that up, didn't you."

"He's hofing that up, someone better punch him in the face!"
by karobison October 1, 2011
Ones foot (plural: Hofers)
Often paired with Tootsie - eg Tootsie Hofer
Corr get those stinky tootsie hofers out of my face
by macethesoulsniper October 12, 2021
That bitch that steals all the hot guys.
when you get cut out by your boyfriend because he has to "work on his studies" and you find him hooking up with a georgus girl. You have just been Julia Hofer'd
by im a slut February 26, 2009
Switching from ass to mouth to the vag rapidly and rember Gary nye watches u
I had the best hofer hopper with Samantha last night
by Hofer hopper April 24, 2017
Wow, What the fuc* are you talking about!?
This combination of these two words is so epic, because of Niklas and Hofer
that guy how's called "Niklas Hofer" could be veary happy!
This guy has one of the biggest cock's in the world.
He's smart powerfull(most of the times Over Powered), and a rly big cockstrong guy!
The power of cockstrong Niklas Hofer is more powerfull then any other in this world!
by Dremorac January 3, 2017